Polymeric Insulator Consultancy

Pioneers in Composite Polymeric Insulators Consultancy

We provide best in class end to end solutions for Composite Polymeric Insulators.

Polymeric Insulator Consultancy

Polymeric Insulator is one of the pionerring services in our portfolio. We are end to end soulution providers ranging from project proposal , design to complete development and testing. We are one of the most trusted consutancy company having highest range of expertise in the field of Polymeric Insulator development. We have been in consultancy area from last 12 years.

Polymeric Insulator Consultancy

Innovation Driven

Trusted by many we are the legends in the area of Polymeric insulator. Having spent decades of time and efforts we have broght dramatic innovations in the field of Polymeric insulators.

Advance Technology

Hydrophobicity and nanatechnolgy has also influened the polymeric insulators, we being in the industry have an competitive advantage.

Competitive Advantage

Knowledge is ultimate power. Team of this vast research experience and industry experts gives an level up among others.

Quality Ensured

Being quality first as mottto, all the work are focused on desired quality. 

What is Polymeric Insulator

Polymer insulators used for high voltage applications have some advantages such as light weight, small size, vandalism resistance, hydrophobicity and easy production processes. During outdoor service, the surface of the insulating material on polymer insulators is frequently subjected to moisture and contamination that lead to dry band arcing. Their tracking resistance, erosion resistance, end sealing and shed design are very important because dry band arcing causes degradation of the polymer surface. We are end to end solution providers having the best experts in the industry, delivering the best.

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